Cloud Orientait Case Studies

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Infrastructure As Code - Cloud Infrastructure Services Setup Managed Over The Internet

Infrastructure As Code-detail-img


The Corporation’s internal servers had excessive latency, limiting the utilisation of global assets for software development and training activities in the target location which restricted user access only via VPN. The challenge was to enable them with an infrastructure that is highly secure, reliable, and fully compliant, keeping an eye on cost, licensing, and performance factors.


Elait architect team designed and architected Cloud Orientait – an Azure Platform Automation Framework. The team conceived the solution as “Infrastructure As Code” that provided a portable, reliable, and scalable option with network and security compliance. Infrastructure code checked into Azure repository and was made viable for creating resources anytime, provided the flexibility with a perfect combination of Azure resources like Key Vault, P-S Virtual Network Gateway (VPN), Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication, Automation Runbooks, Network Security Group (NSG) Firewall Rules, Virtual Machines, Storage Account, Disks, Azure DevOps and Azure Repo.ame


The Cloud Orientait tool enabled the corporation to build and test Azure Infrastructure promptly and rapidly. The customer could proceed with their training and other development activities with minimal latency. Apart from the automated solution’s cost savings, the client’s IT administration and support team continuously saved a lot of effort since the tool automatically adhered to all the best practices and compliance norms.