Gartner defines cloud computing as a style of computing in which scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered as a service using internet technologies. They mention worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is forecast to grow 18.4% in 2021. Thus Cloud adoptions is important for most companies.
Elait’s Cloud adoption services assist your enterprise to create an exceptional cloud adoption strategy to accomplish smooth cloud migration.

At Elait, our Azure Cloud Consulting Services offer un-hindered, scalable, and cost-efficient access to resources and services like data storage & backup solutions, hosted collaboration services, and processing databases among others, with essential security controls.

Elait as an experienced cloud development services provider, helps our customers to build, migrate, and operate erstwhile on-premises infrastructure and platforms on the cloud, to yield significant economies of scale at the lowest cost of ownership.

Why Cloud Development Services ?


Why Elait for Cloud Adoption Services ?

Technology Competence

Delivery Competence

Resource Competence

Cloud Transition/Migration Services

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Elait commences cloud migration services engagements through a dialogue and discovery phase. It is of prime importance for the customer and us as solutions experts to mutually understand the estate’s complexity like on-premises servers or cloud to cloud, storage, bandwidth, application & platform versions, security, scalability requirements and, create roll-back plans.

We work with the customer to concur and conceive the best possible architecture, infrastructure, implementation phases, assurance imperatives, support essentials, and handover plans.

Our consultants believe that for cloud migration services to be less complex and the outcome to be predictable, it is also essential to arrive at an assured plan that disturbs the existing work across user groups of corporations through a well-defined decommissioning cut-over strategy.

Business Challenges

Increasing Support Budgets :

Infrastructure modernisation and up-gradation become costly and time-consuming due to multiple legacy systems.


Not Having Clear Strategy :

Often, corporations decide a big-bang revamp of the entire estate without proper due diligence, rollback, co-exitance, and disaster recovery plans. Due to this, cloud adoption services often take longer than anticipated and go over budget.

Underestimating Complexity Of The Estate :

A modern corporation is a complex maze of integrated and interdependent IT infrastructure, enterprise applications managing speciality business process that give and absorb data from multiple sources. It is essential to de-clutter and understand the current estate before attempting a cloud migration program.

Spiralling Costs :

With legacy system, maintenance costs become unpredictable and system performance gradually deteriorate. The on-premises servers become more prone to security risks and failure forcing corporations to expend more on its upkeep.

Our Offering

Elait consultants follow a time-tested approach to ensure success during infrastructure, application or data migration be it to a public, private or hybrid cloud.

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Business Outcomes

Fiscal Structure Transformation :

CAPEX to OPEX ensures better working capital management & reduced operational for delivery centres, flexibility to augment resources during peak loads saves unnecessary anticipatory investments.

Security & Compliance :

Centrally managed resources make it convenient for efficient business agility, contingency and continuity.

Maintainability :

Significantly reduces infrastructure complexity & improves operational efficiency.

Remote Collaboration :

The cloud environment empowers organizations to work remotely. All services can access documents and databases from anywhere by using collaboration and communication tools, software, and apps.

Agility :

Quick setup and mobilisation.

Cloud Optimisation

For many companies, the cloud’s economic reality is that costs gradually increase over time, without equitable returns in performance and user experience. Though cost reduction becomes imperative, it becomes impossible without clear insight into what drives the consumption.

Cloud Optimisation is the process of appropriately selecting and allocating resources accurately to a workload to manage a distinct quantity of work that runs on a cloud instance. Tasked with maximising efficiency, cloud optimisation experts at Elait work to balance the prevailing infrastructure in real-time, while monitoring the workload performance, compliance, and costs.

Elait’s Cloud experts guide our clients to ensure that your cloud spends productive and efficient, without diminishing users experience or compromising on performance and availability.


Business Challenges


Improper Provisioning :

Accurately anticipating cloud resources required to manage loads.


Lack of clarity on unused and unattached resources leads to performance issues for both application and network.


Non-optimal cloud architecture & application design leads to consumption of extra cloud resources leading to performance bottlenecks.


Organisations tend to ignore the need to constantly monitor, analyse and optimise cloud resources once implementation is over.


Implementing cloud resources not matching application requirements leads to sub-optimal performance and cost escalations.

Our Offering


Software license optimisation.

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Storage resource optimisation.


Server refresh and transformation analysis.


Workload routing and reservation.


Cost reduction and compliance.

Business Outcomes

Discover Unused & Idle Resources :

Maximise the efficiency of servers and storage.

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Identify Wrongly Provisioned Resources : Correctly configure resources to deliver the performance and services you need.
Content Distribution Strategy : Understand where and how you distribute your content to end-users to impact storage and distribution costs.
Store Strategically : Pick the right storage strategy to save money and ensure availability. Efficiently manage change and future proof organisation against peak demands.

Cloud Computing & Management

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With an ever-increasing demand for computing power and resources, solutions providers have constantly come up with ingenuine fiscal and licensing models to offer customers the most effective economic options. Azure Cloud Consulting services provides on-demand access to IT resources, primarily cloud storage, and increased computing ability to transparently, mostly without active customer interventions.

This helps to significantly bring down operating costs to run businesses more efficiently and scale IT resources as corporations grow. These are some of the popular cloud management models

These are some of the popular cloud management models

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The most basic cloud computing services group is primarily targeted at IT administrators and network architects. The users are offered visualised resources and enable access to servers and virtual machines (VMs), storage, networks, and operating systems from a cloud provider.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

This is targeted at developers and provides access to software development tools, testing, and maintenance and support of applications. It’s an on-demand model and helps set up and manage the servers’ underlying infrastructure, storage, network, and databases by these users.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

This is a service model in cloud computing that hosts software applications targeted at end-users. With SaaS, cloud providers host and manage software applications, its requisite infrastructure, manage its maintenance, upgrades, and security patching. The users consume the capability of these applications over the Internet.

Business Challenges

Vendor Lock-In :

Frequently, switching between cloud providers can cause significant issues, including technical incompatibilities, legal limitations, and incurring substantial costs.

Compliance :

Cloud computing provisions for automatic or pre-determined provisioning, de-provisioning, and infrastructure operations management. Compliance to IT security and compliance norms across geographies can sometimes become a challenge.

Resource intensive applications-business-challenge-img
Resource Intensive Applications :

Applications that require are compute intensive will face severe performance issues.

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Portability :

Across different Cloud service providers in multi-cloud deployment scenarios and sometimes lead to challenges.

Expertise :

Cloud and associated technologies are advancing rapidly. Organizations struggle to keep up with this and in constant search for informed consultants or potential employees with the proper skill sets and knowledge.

Our Offering


Cloud Optimisation.

Cloud Automation-offreing-img

Cloud Automation.


Innovative & Economic Automation Solutions.


Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity.


Implement Security & Governance Best Practices.

Business Outcomes

Scalability :

Managing upscale as per requirements.

Cost-Effective :

Reduced cost is another significant benefit that makes cloud computing popular.

Remote Collaboration :

The cloud environment allows organizations to access remotely. Their other services can access documents and databases from anywhere by using collaboration and communication tools, software, and apps.

Mobility :

Use anytime from anywhere is one of the most compelling outcome of cloud computing.

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Less Maintenance :

No maintenance is required since the cloud provider looks after the cloud’s hardware, software, and networks.

Agility :

Quick setup and mobilisation.

Cloud Security

Business Challenges


Data Breaches & Lack of Transparency.


Lack of Cloud Security Architecture & Strategy.


Cloud Security seen as an IT issue & not as a shared responsibility.


Insufficient Identity, Credential, Access, Key Management.


Limited Cloud Usage Visibility.


Misconfiguration and Inadequate Change Control.

Our Offering


Assessment & closing your security gaps.


Cloud Network Security.


Cloud Security posture management.

Cloud workload protection-offering-img

Cloud workload protection.

Web App & API Protection-offering-img

Web App & API Protection.

Business Outcomes

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Elaits Cloud security solution provides companies with the availability, reliability, and security they need to conduct business in a global marketplace.
We help companies in regulated industries manage and maintain enhanced infrastructures for compliance and protect personal and financial data.

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