Banks need the agility to react quickly and capture new opportunities emerging from the changing business environments and ever-increasing customer expectations.

Availability of integrated data enables decision-makers to have an all-encompassing view and ensures they can move quickly and make the most of the market opportunities.

At Elait, we leverage our symbiotic relationships with our solution partners to bring the best of technology and functional remedies, augmented by our frameworks to deliver integrated mdm banking solutions, allowing banking clients to work in an agile environment to ensure faster implementations with reduced costs and fewer resources.

Facilitating Banking Transformation With Data Management Solutions.

Master Data Management For Banking

Master Data Management helps banks build a principal repository of customer data, which serves as a single source of authentic information by combining data across different source systems. MDM enables access to reliable and quality data to give banks a complete picture of their customer activities and preferences to improve client relationships.

Application Support

We provide a transparent and compelling Application Support Program. Our banking clients benefit from our support-partnership approach that continually improves application health and efficiency.

Integrated Data

Elait analyses your business needs to drive your data warehouse design using an efficient data integration architecture and smart database ideal for business intelligence and analytics.

Regulation, Risk, And Compliance

We deliver comprehensive, timely, and accurate data for risk management and regulatory compliance initiatives.

Data Protection And Data Privacy Compliance

Elait supports initiatives to identify and protect sensitive data, such as PCI, PII, PHI, and designated privacy regulations, including GDPR (EU) and Gramm Leach Bliley (US).


Too many data sources, fractured and inconsistent information impacting reliable decision making.

Harmonising data across diverse sources within the organisation to create accurate information.

Legacy data system resulting in data silos, duplication of efforts, high costs, and data quality issues.

Risk of regulatory non-compliance and financial penalties due poor data management.

Lack of comprehensive view of the customer data to extract value and make the data actionable.

Valuable IT resources engaged in support tasks causes a delay in strategic and development plans.

What We Offer

Customer Associations

IFRS9 / BCBS239 Governance And Lineage Setup

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Data Discovery And GDPR Regulatory Compliance

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Merger & Acquisition Data Onboarding

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Challenged With Managing “Regulatory Compliance”

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Direct Onboarding Of Data And Metadata For 50 + Vendors Across Globe For GDPR And BCBS239

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