Standard Testing

Elait has significant experience in functionality, reliability and stability of product/services before it enters the production phase. Our QA testing service experts are equipped with testing techniques, and testing methodologies to efficiently test the software and applications to help a quality delivery at a very high speed. 

Quality & reliability are two critical aspects that help us achieve a high-quality service/product. Customer experience plays a critical role in the success, the focus should be on performing end-to-end functional and non-functional testing. We have the experience, technical expertise as well as domain understanding to ensure the product meets the best practices of the industry.

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Standard Testing Workflow

A typical Agile based Standard Testing workflow


Case Studies

Functional Testing

Our client focuses on media investment activity in UK, Elait was engaged for implementation of their Marketing Campaign Plan platform solution.

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"The Elait team was responsive in meeting our needs on time. They wrote a comprehensive test plan and executed to it, working with our development team to validate the solution".

- Test Director From A Health-Care Company

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