Data Architecture Case Studies

A multi-billion dollar bank spread across Europe, North & South America, addressing 10 core markets servicing close to 15 million customers and others.


Increasing Organisations Ability To Access Fast, Accurate Data And Increasing Service Delivery Predictability



A state government needed to create and drive data reform across its seven central departments to prepare for an ongoing digital transformation program. Their data reform strategy consisted of five pillars, including changing incentives, culture, processes, and innovation. The final post was to develop a common data platform to enable better data sharing and analysis – firstly for analytical purposes, but open to extending for operational controls.


We engaged in shaping the vision and strategy firstly and subsequently for planning and implementation. We performed an initial data discovery exercise and defined a simple target data model around which the state government could execute policy-based analytics. We used our Microsoft Azure expertise to design and implement a low-cost but scalable platform architecture to allow public servants. We trusted third parties to analyse lightly modeled data securely – that was often highly sensitive – and to easily integrate other data in a privacy-preserving manner.


This state government was able to significantly increase their ability to perform analytics to drive policy objectives and gave them a new ability to run their analytics with data from multiple departments in a secure way for the first time. By speeding up their ability to accurately analyse data, policy-making timescales were shortened and government officials could confidently predict service outcomes.