Data assurance
At Elait, our Data Quality Assurance Consulting team has core expertise on Data Warehousing & Data Integration, BI, and Data Migration projects. We provide end-to-end testing services starting from planning to implementation and beyond.
Microsoft Sql
Oracle ADF

Data Assurance Workflow

A typical Agile based Data Assurance workflow

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Customer Challenges

Clients face multiple challenges while promising Data Assurance in the Data Integration space
Organise volume, velocity & variety of data from multiple sources.
To calibrate quality metrics from the current systems that maintain data.
Migrating the data without affecting the current customer database along with corrected data.

Collating data from different data sources and maintaining them in data warehouses for further analysis.
Elait focuses on process driven testing strategies which ensures that data migration and transformation projects across stages are delivered with minimal to near zero production defects and assures high data quality within the stipulated time-frame.

Elait Offerings

Support end user
End-to-end system
System & Integration testing services
Error handling
DW Dashboards
Alerts & notifications
Data model

Case Studies

Payroll Automation For Pension Administrators

Pension Scheme On-boarding

Proving MSBI Frameworks by creating the complex metadata and packages based on different test scenarios

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"It has been a good working experience with prompt and effective data integration, data warehousing and other data assurance services from Elait. We look forward to further association in the future.".

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